After a general pats

After a general pats Massage tibia (back surface) is more differentiated, so building muscle condition with flat-valgus foot installation is different.

After a general pats from the heel to the popliteal fossa holds smiling selective effect on the calf muscle.

On the outer part (lateral head) holds a slight rubbing fingertips gentle kneading.

Widely employed are relaxing techniques: stroking, shaking, stretching.

On the inside of the gastrocnemius muscle (medial head) when changing toning techniques: energetic rubbing the back surface completely bent fingers, intense kneading, light percussion with emy (effleurage fingers chopped).

During the massage the feet give her light supine position (on the gate sole medially).

Sole stroke and rubbed vigorously.

The inner edge of the foot stroke, pound and knead, use using schiptseobrazny grip.

Once held massage the back surface of one leg, moving to another massage.


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