Abdominal massage

Abdominal massage The slope of the toy.

I moment The slope of the toy.

II time "Wheelbarrow" Squats Suggest kid crouch, his knees while zhny be widely separated.

Abdominal massage Sitting down - for bent arms, - in one arm, - for the ring.

"Cars" - walking on his hands .

Breast Massage Education walking IX complex exercises Age of child - - months.

Each exercise is repeated - times.

Breather I.

child sits or stands.

At the request of an adult child raises his hands with rings up - inhale, then lowers them or hugging chest - exhale.

Adults ly helps to make the final part of the exercise.

Foot Massage Rising to his feet from any position on the request of an adult.

slightly adult helps the child to get up.

Massage the back and buttocks Bending and straightening (see VIII complex number ) Abdominal massage Lifting the leg extensions (see VIII complex number ) Sitting down Stressed sagging back - "plane" I.


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