At this stage of development

At this stage of developmentDuring the illness, when a child's nose is clogged with dried mucus, the above proce fool should be mandatory and as often as possible.

Depending on what the baby skin after bathing is necessary to use mass scrap or baby powder. In that case, if the skin is sensitive, take a little powder on hand, and then apply a thin layer on the baby's skin with light patting movements yuschimi. If your baby's skin is dry, it is better to use oil.

Care navel and genitals

Throughout the pregnancy, the child eats substances coming from the organism ma mother through the umbilical cord. Immediately after birth, the umbilical cord is cut, and the remaining part after a while (about a week) dries up and disappears. In case slow healing stomach, may form a granular fabric. Do not worry Tes about this: it is only a temporary phenomenon, and soon it will itself with the fight.

It is worth noting, navel heals without any intervention, need only constant but keep it clean, do not fall back to hazardous bacteria. At this stage of development of pediatrics physicians are advised to keep the navel permanently open, allowing it to accelerate healing. In some cases, doctors recommend not ku Paty child until the wound is completely healed navel. If you prefer ku Paty baby after every bath treat the navel sterile cotton swab dipped in a solution of brilliant green, or potassium permanganate color spe formula cherries.


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