Studies show that

Studies show that In a few weeks your body will already "know" how to produce milk, thanks to the remarkable physiological ability to respond to a scheme of "request and supplies a".

The more your growing baby will consume, the more milk your body will produce.

A few weeks later, the majority of mothers and their children become accustomed to the daily routine of calm.

Mother learn to understand the "language" of the kid: he shows that hungry, sleepy, or wants to play.

And my mother would understand how important breast feeding for the child.

Studies show that breastfeeding creates a close bond between mother and child, and gives the baby a sense of n okoya and security.

Sometimes babies want to eat, when tired or angry, but this hunger they have.

And even despite the fact that the baby after 10 minutes after the last feeding drank all the milk from both breasts, he may still want to have e esch.


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