Ladushki - Where

Ladushki - Where "Ladushki"

At some stage, it is important for the baby to learn to imitate the movements of adults. And of course you can to help him, playing with him in the "ladushki", "good-bye", "give me pen", "kiss", "cuckoo", "tuk-tuk". First you pronounce themselves and show what to do. Then take the baby palms, slap them and say to chant "ladushki." After this, the child must repeat the procedure on their own. Remember your childhood when you and mom played "ladushki." Remember the words?

- Ladushki. Ladushki

- Where were?

- Grandmother

- Eating?


- What were drinking?

- Mash

- What's for snack?

- Sour cabbage

- Shoo-in, fly

- Sat down at the head of

- Boarded-sat

- Flew away.

Summer Cooling

If you have a pool in the yard (I mean not only the pool, equipped with the latest technology and designed by the best designer in accordance with the latest trends of Feng Shui and landscaping, but also carved in the cavern, blasted chemicals, pool equipment thirsty, as well as an inflatable pool and RTA), ignore this advice. The others, who are forced to pack with a pack of diapers, food, change of clothes, a stroller, towels, bedspreads, blankets, toys and a protective agent against the sun, just to make a quick dip in a nearby pond, try something simpler that will help your child and you cool:


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