Breathing exercise

Breathing exercise Finish by stroking massage.

Breathing exercise (see I set number ) Transition from development to capture reflex grasping hand function Enclose in the palm baby toy (ring, etc.

) and, clasping and slightly pinching hand and fingers of the child with his hand, to induce him Zech vatit toy.

Then gently pull it towards you ("subtract" toy).

Foot Massage: - stroking (see II complex number ); - dorsiflexion of the foot (see W complex number ) - annular friction: the thumb and index fingers of both hands grasp the rings (close one over another) child shin its lower part, then do vigorous divergent ring rubbing the back of the leg and three to four turns before reaching the elbows, rub on the outer thigh muscles.

Complete massage stroking.

Foot massage (see II complex number ) Reflex exercises to stop (I see the complex number ) Reflex support and podtantsovyvanie Supporting the child under the arms, put it on the surface of one la "full stop.


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