Frequently Large blue and red nodes, painful at palpation are called erythema nodosum.

Noninflammatory nodes observed in skin tumors (lipoma, fibroma).

Blister - element characterizing the presence of an acute inflammatory process, which appears as a result of limited edema of the papillary layer of the skin.

Blister rising above the level of the skin, has a rounded shape of 20 mm or more, as a rule, its appearance is accompanied by itching.

These lesions are characteristic allergo dermatitis.

Bubble - a few protruding above the surface of the skin filled with serous or bloody fluid formation of 1-5 mm.

With the development can dry out to form a transparent or brownish crust.

Frequently opened, revealing limited weeping erosion.

After the disappearance of redness may be passing.

With festering bubble it turns into an abscess and called pustules.


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