A child from the moment

A child from the moment But most importantly, it will depend on how quickly will develop sensory and motor areas of the brain that pin roliruyut such movements.

A child from the moment of birth has valuable luggage: congenital dennye motor reflexes.

Pavlov called them unconditioned reflexes.

Among the inborn reflexes are edible (sucking, swallowing, salivation) protection of a defensive (turning or lifting the head in the prone position the baby the first few weeks of life); reflexes positions (postures) and arrangement of the parts of the body (in the first half six months of life in a horizontal position on the weight of the child rejects the head in a corrective direction, ie, in the prone position - back to back - forward, on the right side - left, left - right, rotation of the pelvis causes the mouth of the child movement of the head and upper body in that the same way).


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