When performing

When performing Flexion reflex moans foot extension reflex Reflex "creeps.

" I moment Reflex "creeps.

" II point This activity is based on active congenital dermal sheath- reflex.

"The phenomenon of creeping" persists until - months of life.

When performing this movement should be careful: to touch the soles of the child can be only when the foot has been grasped from the back side, otherwise the child can easily soskol znut the table.

Breast Massage I.

baby lying on his back.

Start by stroking which holds both hands (la bottom or back surface of the fingers).

Simultaneous motion zheniem hand sent from the middle of the sternum upward and outward to the armpits .

Stroking the side surfaces of the chest is performed in a direction away from the sternum down and sideways to the armpits .

Then, clutching child's chest, rapid movements, very gently press down on the chest .


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