He closed his eyes, He purrs

He closed his eyes, He purrs Cover with second hand first, depicting shell turtles.

Then repeat the game for the other arm.

By rushing mountain sled They Natasha and Oksanka.

Another rush slide Sledge with Mishka and Egorka.

Where the mountain ends There they meet.

1-2 lines - two or four serried fingers of one hand "go" on the inner surface of the other hand down from the elbow to the wrist.

3-4 lines - do the same thing, changing hands.

5-6 lines - pin fingers of both hands in a castle or pressed tightly against one palm to another.

Train goes uphill, On a visit to Grandpa Yegor.

And sitting in trailers Nine little guys: Katya, Masha and Marina, Kohl, Vanya, Irina Petya, Glory and Matthew, With them Kotofey.

He closed his eyes, He purrs children stories.

1-4 stitches - clasped fingers of one hand move along the inner side of the palm of the other hand to the elbow.


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