He diligent

He diligentThe family Oksana unpredictable and inconsistent. Even the most minor collision venie with spouse could end her fault violent quarrel. Oksana - caring mother with children gently and patiently.


In Scandinavian countries, the name Oleg means "holy."

Small Oleg slaboharakteren and takes for granted all he would say. It easily lends itself to another's influence, resulting frequently in the embarrassing and unpleasant yatnye situation.

Parents should pay special attention to the education of Oleg preschooler.

While studying at the school Oleg more independent. He diligent student and achieves some success in all disciplines. His favorite subject in school is math, because the boy had an analytical mind and the ability to logically cape casting. Priority of reason over emotions and feelings is not limited to educational tion process, but it also occurs in everyday life.


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