Then lift the child's Honour

Then lift the child's Honour Exercise "swimmer" Preparing to sitting down I.

baby lying on his back.

Move the hands under the baby's back.

Then lift the child's Honour to the vertical position, with its head should not query kidyvatsya (Figure ).

Resistance training: a) rejection of hands, b) repulsion of the ball .

"Moving Steps" I.

baby lying on his back.

Adult baby wraps shin front, bent his legs and feet pressed against the desk.

Alternating flexion and extension of the legs without lifting the foot from the surface of the table.

"Podtantsovyvanie" Breast Massage Stroking, rhythmic pressure on the lateral surface of the thorax.

"Box" - flexion and extension arms Give your child a thumbs clasp your hands, hold the rest of the brush.


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