For infants with

For infants withSpecialized mixtures designed for specific categories of children (for example, term, allergies, low weight, food intolerance, cf s hyper- ments of, delay stool, etc.). For feeding preterm d e children (until they reach 2500 g body weight) recommended breast milk substitutes such as the U.S. "Enfalaka" Dutch "Nenatala" Finnish "Pre-Booms" and shveytsars who "Alprema" (the latter is also called the "Pre- Nan "). This group of products we can direct use but only under medical supervision.

When an allergy to cow's milk protein recommended soy mixture of foreign production "Enfamil soy", "Nutri-soy", "Bona-soy" and "isomers" (aka "Sim and nail-iso- sweet "). Soy-based substitutes should not be used without sufficient basis tions. For infants with lactase deficiency (intolerable about Stu can milk sugar - lactose) Dutch pediatricians usually recommend a "gut and lon" with low lactose kim Swiss "Al-110", a mixture of German "Hum and on-SL" and as well several other products. When anemia (anemia) associated with d e surplus iron in the body of the child, used a mixture with a high content of this element ("Enfamil with iron," etc.). Similar products better start to use until the child reaches 3 months of age.


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