To do this, instead

To do this, instead A.


Pennington "Food value traditionally used portions "17 ed.

, eds.

(Philadelphia: D.


Lippincott, 1988).

Scheduling FEEDING Feeding on demand child does not mean that the mother is now becoming a slave g ore feeding and sometimes between six and twelve weeks, the majority of children, to the great joy and their parents do not require feeding during the night.

In During the day they sleep much and wake up only for that shout, eat and then sleep again.

"Sleepy" days, meanwhile, about significant active night.

You can wake up at 3 then rest of the night you spend feeding him every two hours.

If you stock up on patience, you can ROTATE The path of such a mode shifted to the normal state.

To do this, instead of letting your baby sleep during the day for 4-5 hours, gently wake him every 3 hours.

Most of the children a few minutes after waking readily accepted eats b, so in the end, they will wake up more often during the day.


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