To start these

To start these It uses techniques of stroking, grableobraznogo grind of (rubbing spaced p & ttsami by interosseous interm kam).

Once again you can promassirovat inner edge of the foot, especially the area I finger.

Then massaged the front surface of the other leg.

Massage normalizes muscle tone feet and legs: it strengthens weakened muscles lennye and relieves stress, it is very important for the recovery of their agreed work.

Furthermore, improving blood circulation and muscle tone, ligaments and bones of the foot, massage helps to improve their nutritional and thus the normal development and growth of the lower extremities.

Efficiency of massage increases if his conduct background cor rigiruyuschie exercise.

To start these movements in the feet may be passive, that is done with your help.

Supination of the foot (turning the sole of the foot medially) Dorsiflexion of the foot Plantar flexion of the foot Hold soles toys Finger flexion Supination of both feet, capture and hold the soles of small round toys Scheu (skittles, balls, etc.


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