To a minor nuisance

To a minor nuisanceIn emergency situations, some children feel comfortable with his thumb in his mouth. But we need to get rid of this habit, because it is fraught with some of the consequences. To a minor nuisance thumb-sucking may include blisters or impetigo. Towards a more significant: the displaced teeth and perhaps even the appearance of stigmata that occur in children when they start going to nursery or kindergarten.

Look for an opportunity to turn the attention of the child, without making a fuss because of this habit. Take advantage of his desire to quit sucking her thumb, when, for example, he had a sore or wound of sucking, or he needs to go to kindergarten. Suggest to celebrate his success as a chart stickers or labels to its merits become more noticeable. Stock up on bulky, colorful headbands, if it will entice him.


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