Patients with

Patients with Patients with multiple sclerosis in remission grafted inactivated vaccines (except hepatitis B vaccine).

Convulsions The presence of afebrile seizures is grounds for removal from the DTP, the introduction of other vaccines performed on the background of anticonvulsants, if necessary by increasing the dose.

Children with febrile convulsions DTP administered simultaneously with paracetamol (10-15 mg / kg 3-4 times a day for 1-2 days).

Children whose condition is termed "convulsive readiness", as usually grafted to the exclusion of their progressive disease or afebrile convulsions indications for therapy sedatives and dehydration (see below).

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The meaning of physiotherapy

The meaning of physiotherapy To strengthen the stretched and weakened the front and outer leg muscles groups use more vigorous methods: rubbing and kneading may light effleurage fingers.

The meaning of physiotherapy is to gradually gently used board vicious position of the foot.

All exercises should be carried be in conjunction with massage, performed gently, so that the child does not feel any pain.

Good effect holding special le chebnyh exercise after thermal procedures.

Baby is lying on her stomach.

Bend your leg at the knee child su Stava with one hand hold the shin, and palm of the other hand gently push down on the child's foot, bending it in the back side.

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To do this, instead

To do this, instead A.


Pennington "Food value traditionally used portions "17 ed.

, eds.

(Philadelphia: D.


Lippincott, 1988).

Scheduling FEEDING Feeding on demand child does not mean that the mother is now becoming a slave g ore feeding and sometimes between six and twelve weeks, the majority of children, to the great joy and their parents do not require feeding during the night.

In During the day they sleep much and wake up only for that shout, eat and then sleep again.

"Sleepy" days, meanwhile, about significant active night.

You can wake up at 3 then rest of the night you spend feeding him every two hours.

If you stock up on patience, you can ROTATE The path of such a mode shifted to the normal state.

To do this, instead of letting your baby sleep during the day for 4-5 hours, gently wake him every 3 hours.

Most of the children a few minutes after waking readily accepted eats b, so in the end, they will wake up more often during the day.

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By increasing

By increasing Equally important are syndromes or overload hypertrophy (increase in size) of the right or left heart, which compensate for circulatory disorders.

Overload of the left heart observed stenosis or aortic coarctation.

Right ventricular overload observed in pulmonary artery stenosis, atrial septal defect, tetralogy of Fallot, transposition of great vessels, hypoplastic left heart.

By increasing blood flow through the lungs, children are prone to frequent and prolonged bronchopulmonary diseases.

Skin from pale baby.

With the progression of the disease will lead to increased pressure in the pulmonary circulation and signs of right heart overload, which will be accompanied by an increase in dyspnea, fatigue, periodic appearances cyanosis (late cyanosis).

With a decrease in blood flow through the lungs occurs early appearance of cyanosis (sometimes observed from the birth of the child), the presence odyshechno-cyanotic attacks, which are accompanied by forced child's situation, which is associated with a significant reduction of oxygen in the blood.

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For infants with

For infants withSpecialized mixtures designed for specific categories of children (for example, term, allergies, low weight, food intolerance, cf s hyper- ments of, delay stool, etc.). For feeding preterm d e children (until they reach 2500 g body weight) recommended breast milk substitutes such as the U.S. "Enfalaka" Dutch "Nenatala" Finnish "Pre-Booms" and shveytsars who "Alprema" (the latter is also called the "Pre- Nan "). This group of products we can direct use but only under medical supervision.

When an allergy to cow's milk protein recommended soy mixture of foreign production "Enfamil soy", "Nutri-soy", "Bona-soy" and "isomers" (aka "Sim and nail-iso- sweet "). Soy-based substitutes should not be used without sufficient basis tions. For infants with lactase deficiency (intolerable about Stu can milk sugar - lactose) Dutch pediatricians usually recommend a "gut and lon" with low lactose kim Swiss "Al-110", a mixture of German "Hum and on-SL" and as well several other products. Read more -->

If you can not give

If you can not give We decided to take the puppy?

If you want to take a puppy home, you first answer the following questions:

Are you ready to take on this responsibility? As long as your baby gets older and will be able

to feed and walk the dog, it will take time, and until these duties,

of course, lies with the parents. If you can not give your puppy plenty of time

as long as it is better to forget about the idea.

Are compatible, in principle, a dog in the house and your child? For the shy,

insecure-year kid who is constantly afraid of something (loud noises,

strangers) may not be the best time start a dog.

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As the disease affects

As the disease affectsTreatment of pertussis carried out only under a doctor's supervision. During the attack in need but to hold the baby, half-bent, which will facilitate him coughing and vomiting. With a slight swoon baby make a compress on the head and chest (if no temperature) rub the ointment of turpentine or camphor oil.


Diphtheria - diphtheria bacillus - causes inflammation of mucous shell pharynx, larynx and nose. As the disease affects the lymph, nerve and circulatory system tion, as well as heart, liver and kidneys. Most often diphtheria Bole are children from 1 to 10 years, but it is possible contamination and toddlers up to 1 year. Parents should remember us that the diphtheria bacillus resistant to cold and dryness, but it Pogi-

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