Thus the source

Thus the sourceThere is another simple way to deal with hiccups, requires no drinking. It is that the baby is given a pacifier. This would seem to question Teisha event quite effectively. Sucking movements committed child whom, according to crowded air (or food) signal the stomach that food already in ny tee, but because the stomach does not get anything, it shrinks and becomes those retsya of the diaphragm. Thus the source of irritation that causes hiccups disappear.

Apart from the known breast-milk substitutes, there cereal factory production duction, vegetable purees, fruit, vegetable and berry juices, dishes based on pasta ucts, special meat and canned fish (with or without garnish), and many others. etc. Read more -->

Raises his arms

Raises his arms.



Suggest baby crawl on all fours under the chair, then straighten up and say hello to Baby, pressing his foot.

Game "ball" Gates can serve as a chair, stool, etc.

The child takes the ball, roll it into the goal and runs after him.

Go through the gate on all fours, rectified and catches the ball.

General developmental exercises Exercises to Hand and shoulder belt "Box" Child standing with your feet shoulder width apart.

Bend your arms at chest level and then makes motions with his hands alternately forward and to the middle as to boxing.

"Butterfly" Child standing, arms down along the body.

Raises his arms to the side and slightly wags brushes - "waving butterfly wings.

" Bend your arms at shoulder level and touch the shoulders - "layer butterfly wings lived.

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He closed his eyes, He purrs

He closed his eyes, He purrs Cover with second hand first, depicting shell turtles.

Then repeat the game for the other arm.

By rushing mountain sled They Natasha and Oksanka.

Another rush slide Sledge with Mishka and Egorka.

Where the mountain ends There they meet.

1-2 lines - two or four serried fingers of one hand "go" on the inner surface of the other hand down from the elbow to the wrist.

3-4 lines - do the same thing, changing hands.

5-6 lines - pin fingers of both hands in a castle or pressed tightly against one palm to another.

Train goes uphill, On a visit to Grandpa Yegor.

And sitting in trailers Nine little guys: Katya, Masha and Marina, Kohl, Vanya, Irina Petya, Glory and Matthew, With them Kotofey.

He closed his eyes, He purrs children stories.

1-4 stitches - clasped fingers of one hand move along the inner side of the palm of the other hand to the elbow.

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When performing

When performing Flexion reflex moans foot extension reflex Reflex "creeps.

" I moment Reflex "creeps.

" II point This activity is based on active congenital dermal sheath- reflex.

"The phenomenon of creeping" persists until - months of life.

When performing this movement should be careful: to touch the soles of the child can be only when the foot has been grasped from the back side, otherwise the child can easily soskol znut the table.

Breast Massage I.

baby lying on his back.

Start by stroking which holds both hands (la bottom or back surface of the fingers).

Simultaneous motion zheniem hand sent from the middle of the sternum upward and outward to the armpits .

Stroking the side surfaces of the chest is performed in a direction away from the sternum down and sideways to the armpits .

Then, clutching child's chest, rapid movements, very gently press down on the chest .

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2 tbsp. tablespoons

2 tbsp. tablespoons Cereal should be soft and the water is completely absorbed.

Per serving: 222 calories, 6 g protein, 46 g carbohydrates, 2 g fat, 6 g fiber, 362 mg sodium, calories protein - 11% carbohydrate calories - 81% fat calories - 8% vegetarian pilaf (3 portions) This colorful pilaf cooked without oil, so be sure to use a pan with non-stick coating.

2 tbsp.

tablespoons of water or vegetable broth 2 cups brown rice brewed th 1g cups frozen corn U cup raisins X 1g cup frozen peas X 1g sweet pepper, chopped X 1g h.

tablespoons curry Preheat water in a large pan with non-stick coating, put into it with boiled rice and cooking using the blade, disconnect the rice grains.

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A child from the moment

A child from the moment But most importantly, it will depend on how quickly will develop sensory and motor areas of the brain that pin roliruyut such movements.

A child from the moment of birth has valuable luggage: congenital dennye motor reflexes.

Pavlov called them unconditioned reflexes.

Among the inborn reflexes are edible (sucking, swallowing, salivation) protection of a defensive (turning or lifting the head in the prone position the baby the first few weeks of life); reflexes positions (postures) and arrangement of the parts of the body (in the first half six months of life in a horizontal position on the weight of the child rejects the head in a corrective direction, ie, in the prone position - back to back - forward, on the right side - left, left - right, rotation of the pelvis causes the mouth of the child movement of the head and upper body in that the same way).

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Frequently Large blue and red nodes, painful at palpation are called erythema nodosum.

Noninflammatory nodes observed in skin tumors (lipoma, fibroma).

Blister - element characterizing the presence of an acute inflammatory process, which appears as a result of limited edema of the papillary layer of the skin.

Blister rising above the level of the skin, has a rounded shape of 20 mm or more, as a rule, its appearance is accompanied by itching.

These lesions are characteristic allergo dermatitis.

Bubble - a few protruding above the surface of the skin filled with serous or bloody fluid formation of 1-5 mm.

With the development can dry out to form a transparent or brownish crust.

Frequently opened, revealing limited weeping erosion.

After the disappearance of redness may be passing.

With festering bubble it turns into an abscess and called pustules.

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