The most widespread

The most widespread Survey abdominal radiography enables roughly determine the position, size and shape of the kidney, as well as radiopaque stones.

Excretory urography to evaluate the anatomical and functional state of the urinary tract, to identify signs of kidney damage, pelvicalyceal system and ureters, as well as to long-term control of the dynamics of the pathological process.

Renal Angiography - instrumental method for studying the vascular system of the kidneys and the state of their blood supply.

Voiding cystourethrography (tsistoflyuorografiya) makes it possible to diagnose malformations of the bladder and urethra.

Radioisotope research methods are the most physiologic in learning activities of the urinary system.

The most widespread of them received radioisotope renography, renal scan, dynamic nefrostsintigra-rays.

The principle is based on detection of accumulation in the renal parenchyma and the allocation of the urinary tract radioactive pharmaceutical products.

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Lack of antidiuretic

Lack of antidiuretic In the posterior pituitary form: - antidiuretic hormone (vasopressin) - regulates water metabolism in the body.

Lack of antidiuretic hormone leads to the development of diabetes insipidus.

- oxytocin effect on blood pressure, sexual development, protein and fat metabolism, muscle contraction of the uterus during childbirth.

Epiphysis secretes hormones that affect the sexual cycle, lactation, carbohydrate and water and electrolyte metabolism.

The thyroid gland is already set on the 1st month of intrauterine development.

By 4 months of fetal life it is quite enough and structurally formed functionally active, but its growth, and the formation of an intense increase in the mass flow of up to 5 to 6 years of age.

New growth of the size and weight occurs during puberty.

Thyroid - it is the largest organ of the human endocrine system.

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A healthy

A healthy That reduce the risk of diabetes in children, never let the baby cow's milk and other dairy products.

The simple fact is that an extremely large number of foster their diseases directly or indirectly related to food.

A healthy diet, as has been discussed in Chapters 1 to 8, will help your child strengthen the immune system and stay healthy and active as a child and as an adult.

Food for thought Healthy diet plays an important role in the proper functioning of all body systems, including the brain's ability to perceive information, think and remember.

Beings uet countless theories about how certain foods affect on memory, concentration and IQ (IQ) of the child.

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