Appropriate For spasmolysis prescribed antispasmodic drugs (aminophylline, but- trowel), with psychomotor excitation - sodium hydroxybutyrate, droperidol.

Appropriate use of diuretics.

Used antiviral agents (interferon gamma globulin influenza).

By prescription of antibiotics and sulfa drugs differentially fit.

Acute Bronchitis Acute Bronchitis - is an inflammatory process is localized in the mucosa of the bronchial tree and accompanied by mucus.

Bronchial inflammation may be associated with inflammation of the mucous membrane of the trachea (bronchitis) or lesion of the small bronchi and bronchioles (bronchiolitis or pneumonia).

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With the defeat

With the defeat Usually the period of residual phenomena occurs within 1-1.

5 years of onset.

Period is characterized by residual effects of muscle atrophy, contractures, bone deformities, osteoporosis.

With the defeat of the back muscles are developing various deformations spine.

The course of time the affected limbs begin to lag behind in growth, especially in young children.

Diagnostics Virological research methods allow to isolate the virus in early disease of the nasopharynx - in the future, in the feces, which are taken twice at an interval of 24-48 hours.

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Development of exudative

Development of exudative Exudative catarrhal diathesis observed in 50-60% of young children.

Development of exudative catarrhal diathesis promote: n il e d s t e n in n and I p r e d r a n a l o w o n e n o s t s; rn a tio n a l o s e n o n and m and n e u t e r and o m e p a i b e r e m e n n o s t u; n f a d e a c a n t a i m e d and a m e n t s o n a i t e r a p i in about a THEOREM I b e r e m e n n o s t u; n of a t u p l e n e and with n and o f th in o p r a n and m s p e b e n k and n and o f a s x and l l e r g e n about in and on with about b e n n o b e l to a cow's milk, which is ingested when feeding baby formula milk.

Among the other most common allergens egg white, citrus, strawberries, strawberry, fish, chocolate, bananas, tomatoes, etc.

; in o r d e d s t a and e n e a n c e and f and h f with a and x ^ a to t of p o in - n e r e p r e c a n and e n e p e o x l and w e e n and e, d l and t e o m n o f p r e b s in a n and e n o d o r a p s t s m and with about l n e h n s m and l y h a m and a and d p.

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To a minor nuisance

To a minor nuisanceIn emergency situations, some children feel comfortable with his thumb in his mouth. But we need to get rid of this habit, because it is fraught with some of the consequences. To a minor nuisance thumb-sucking may include blisters or impetigo. Towards a more significant: the displaced teeth and perhaps even the appearance of stigmata that occur in children when they start going to nursery or kindergarten.

Look for an opportunity to turn the attention of the child, without making a fuss because of this habit. Take advantage of his desire to quit sucking her thumb, when, for example, he had a sore or wound of sucking, or he needs to go to kindergarten. Suggest to celebrate his success as a chart stickers or labels to its merits become more noticeable. Read more -->

This exercise

This exercise Swinging on the ball Take inflatable beach ball large size.

Put re child on his stomach on the ball, spreading his knees wide apart.

Hold White kid in the back.

Swing the ball in different directions: forward, backward, sideways and on a circle .

Swipe movements should be small enough so the child does not come loose.

This exercise can be done at any time of the day, half an hour after a meal.

It promotes good relaxing NIJ and trains the vestibular apparatus.

Swinging in the attitude of "embryo" Swinging on the ball Notes.

Session lasts about minutes.

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BLOOD image

BLOOD image Clinical blood For clinical analysis of blood is taken from the IV usually left thumb after pretreatment of the skin with a mixture of alcohol and ether.

After piercing the blood should flow freely, since a strong pressure on the finger allocation to improve blood flow to the tissue it mixes with the liquid, and this reduces the accuracy of the study.

First projection drop of blood washed fleece.

BLOOD image s.

Chaltyr TNP.

Number 37.


№ 7493-10000 6-12-76 city Determination of the number of leukocytes, erythrocytes, hematocrit, and hemoglobin concentration is known as the hemogram.

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