If you can not give

If you can not give We decided to take the puppy?

If you want to take a puppy home, you first answer the following questions:

Are you ready to take on this responsibility? As long as your baby gets older and will be able

to feed and walk the dog, it will take time, and until these duties,

of course, lies with the parents. If you can not give your puppy plenty of time

as long as it is better to forget about the idea.

Are compatible, in principle, a dog in the house and your child? For the shy,

insecure-year kid who is constantly afraid of something (loud noises,

strangers) may not be the best time start a dog.

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As the disease affects

As the disease affectsTreatment of pertussis carried out only under a doctor's supervision. During the attack in need but to hold the baby, half-bent, which will facilitate him coughing and vomiting. With a slight swoon baby make a compress on the head and chest (if no temperature) rub the ointment of turpentine or camphor oil.


Diphtheria - diphtheria bacillus - causes inflammation of mucous shell pharynx, larynx and nose. As the disease affects the lymph, nerve and circulatory system tion, as well as heart, liver and kidneys. Most often diphtheria Bole are children from 1 to 10 years, but it is possible contamination and toddlers up to 1 year. Parents should remember us that the diphtheria bacillus resistant to cold and dryness, but it Pogi-

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Vomiting caused

Vomiting caused The result is a nutritional imbalance, and there are cases where a strong gluttony leads to rupture of the stomach.

Vomiting caused by regularly entail serious e health problems including swollen glands on the face and neck, strong dental caries, redness, swelling, fatigue, dehydration, infection in the urogenital tract, breaks or damage in the throat and esophagus, chronic heartburn and even stop serd sample due to the depletion of potassium in the body.

Dehydration using pills or other methods including laxatives, fraught with great danger to health: frequent urinary tract infections, morning headaches, about puhanie, reduced thinking skills, sensitivity to heat, loss of muscle strength and endurance, kidney stones, stroke, and death.

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Then lift the child's Honour

Then lift the child's Honour Exercise "swimmer" Preparing to sitting down I.

baby lying on his back.

Move the hands under the baby's back.

Then lift the child's Honour to the vertical position, with its head should not query kidyvatsya (Figure ).

Resistance training: a) rejection of hands, b) repulsion of the ball .

"Moving Steps" I.

baby lying on his back.

Adult baby wraps shin front, bent his legs and feet pressed against the desk.

Alternating flexion and extension of the legs without lifting the foot from the surface of the table.

"Podtantsovyvanie" Breast Massage Stroking, rhythmic pressure on the lateral surface of the thorax.

"Box" - flexion and extension arms Give your child a thumbs clasp your hands, hold the rest of the brush.

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7-10 stitches - alternately

7-10 stitches - alternately 3-4 stitches - Reveal palm and rotate the brush from side to side several times.

5-6 stitches - join hands with closed fingers and bend your fingers from side to side.

7-10 stitches - alternately knocking hands on the table, then clap our hands, simultaneously stamping his feet.

If possible, it is recommended to jump and run in place.

Our little guys - Five shaggy bears - Not invited to dance, Feel awkward.

One, two, three, four, five - Bears will dance! One, two, three, four, five - Everyone on their feet to tread! 1-4 stitches - join hands with your fingertips put your wrist on the table and clasped hands swinging from side to side.

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Pay attention

Pay attention If it is possible - at home, set a small wall bars or ladder.

Encourage your toddler to climb on it at least a few steps and go down.

Usually small children climb the ladder step attachable.

Pay attention to the position of your hands: it is necessary to teach a child to grab rail, opposing thumb.

Game "climbed out the window": Place the ladder vertically and hold hands ce.

Suggest ­ those child to climb between the second and third step.

Cockerel cockerel golden comb, Lean out the window, I'll give you peas.

Then put the ladder on the side of the bar and ask ma lyshu climb Rung.

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