Sliding his hands

Sliding his hands Lean to the right, then left, hands relaxed.

"Airplane" The kid stands, feet slightly apart, arms down.

Raises his hands to the sides, palms up.

Spread its wings plane: cook in flight.

Turns to the side, without dropping hands.

I 'll look to the right: Ju-ju-ju, ju-ju-ju.

I'll look to the left: Ju-ju-ju, ju-ju-ju.

"Pump" Starting position formerly.

Sliding his hands along the body, Rabbi knock tilted alternately right and left.

It's very simple - you shook pump.

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One may get hungry

One may get hungry Typically, babies want to eat about every two hours.

However, each child is different.

One may get hungry an hour later on after the last meal, and the other is in satiety for 3-4 hours between feedings.

Lucky mother whose children sleep continuously for 4-5 hours every night, can worry about what their children do not consume the required amount of food.

But if your baby is healthy and still gaining weight, then there is no need to make him eat more.

Similarly, if the newborn is taken screaming every two hours throughout the night, it is - completely normal, despite the fact that his mother izmota nnaya be surprised that such a tiny baby can so often is.

During the first weeks, maybe you will feel a little discomfort as your body will adapt to the new situation.

Your breasts will be, the feelings, and poured obvious Hb sensitive.

If you bear with me for a while so, then it will be rewarded.

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Breathing exercise

Breathing exercise Finish by stroking massage.

Breathing exercise (see I set number ) Transition from development to capture reflex grasping hand function Enclose in the palm baby toy (ring, etc.

) and, clasping and slightly pinching hand and fingers of the child with his hand, to induce him Zech vatit toy.

Then gently pull it towards you ("subtract" toy).

Foot Massage: - stroking (see II complex number ); - dorsiflexion of the foot (see W complex number ) - annular friction: the thumb and index fingers of both hands grasp the rings (close one over another) child shin its lower part, then do vigorous divergent ring rubbing the back of the leg and three to four turns before reaching the elbows, rub on the outer thigh muscles.

Complete massage stroking.

Foot massage (see II complex number ) Reflex exercises to stop (I see the complex number ) Reflex support and podtantsovyvanie Supporting the child under the arms, put it on the surface of one la "full stop.

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Ladushki - Where

Ladushki - Where "Ladushki"

At some stage, it is important for the baby to learn to imitate the movements of adults. And of course you can to help him, playing with him in the "ladushki", "good-bye", "give me pen", "kiss", "cuckoo", "tuk-tuk". First you pronounce themselves and show what to do. Then take the baby palms, slap them and say to chant "ladushki." After this, the child must repeat the procedure on their own. Remember your childhood when you and mom played "ladushki." Remember the words?

- Ladushki. Ladushki

- Where were?

- Grandmother

- Eating?


- What were drinking?

- Mash

- What's for snack?

- Sour cabbage

- Shoo-in, fly

- Sat down at the head of

- Boarded-sat

- Flew away.

Summer Cooling

If you have a pool in the yard (I mean not only the pool, equipped with the latest technology and designed by the best designer in accordance with the latest trends of Feng Shui and landscaping, but also carved in the cavern, blasted chemicals, pool equipment thirsty, as well as an inflatable pool and RTA), ignore this advice. Read more -->

When inappropriate

When inappropriate Build a disproportionate: the trunk is relatively short, on the background of long limbs and neck chest.

Pale skin, with a pronounced marble pattern that says inappropriate microcirculation.

Conditioned reflex activity slowed dominated brake reaction.

When inappropriate diet or accession diseases they quickly lose weight.

A characteristic feature of limfatiko-hypoplastic diathesis is a steady increase in limfaticheskihuzlov and thymus.

Increasing all the groups of lymph nodes, pronounced adenoid growths in the nasopharynx, tonsils loose, stand out from the edge of the palatine arches.

Marked increase in the size of the liver, spleen and thymus.

Children with hypoplastic diathesis-limfatiko tend to easier emergence and lingering inflammatory diseases of the upper respiratory tract.

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Studies show that

Studies show that In a few weeks your body will already "know" how to produce milk, thanks to the remarkable physiological ability to respond to a scheme of "request and supplies a".

The more your growing baby will consume, the more milk your body will produce.

A few weeks later, the majority of mothers and their children become accustomed to the daily routine of calm.

Mother learn to understand the "language" of the kid: he shows that hungry, sleepy, or wants to play.

And my mother would understand how important breast feeding for the child.

Studies show that breastfeeding creates a close bond between mother and child, and gives the baby a sense of n okoya and security.

Sometimes babies want to eat, when tired or angry, but this hunger they have.

And even despite the fact that the baby after 10 minutes after the last feeding drank all the milk from both breasts, he may still want to have e esch.

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