At this stage of development

At this stage of developmentDuring the illness, when a child's nose is clogged with dried mucus, the above proce fool should be mandatory and as often as possible.

Depending on what the baby skin after bathing is necessary to use mass scrap or baby powder. In that case, if the skin is sensitive, take a little powder on hand, and then apply a thin layer on the baby's skin with light patting movements yuschimi. If your baby's skin is dry, it is better to use oil.

Care navel and genitals

Throughout the pregnancy, the child eats substances coming from the organism ma mother through the umbilical cord. Immediately after birth, the umbilical cord is cut, and the remaining part after a while (about a week) dries up and disappears. In case slow healing stomach, may form a granular fabric. Do not worry Tes about this: it is only a temporary phenomenon, and soon it will itself with the fight.

It is worth noting, navel heals without any intervention, need only constant but keep it clean, do not fall back to hazardous bacteria. Read more -->

Abdominal massage

Abdominal massage The slope of the toy.

I moment The slope of the toy.

II time "Wheelbarrow" Squats Suggest kid crouch, his knees while zhny be widely separated.

Abdominal massage Sitting down - for bent arms, - in one arm, - for the ring.

"Cars" - walking on his hands .

Breast Massage Education walking IX complex exercises Age of child - - months.

Each exercise is repeated - times.

Breather I.

child sits or stands.

At the request of an adult child raises his hands with rings up - inhale, then lowers them or hugging chest - exhale.

Adults ly helps to make the final part of the exercise.

Foot Massage Rising to his feet from any position on the request of an adult.

slightly adult helps the child to get up.

Massage the back and buttocks Bending and straightening (see VIII complex number ) Abdominal massage Lifting the leg extensions (see VIII complex number ) Sitting down Stressed sagging back - "plane" I.

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Monounsaturated and polyunsaturated

Monounsaturated and polyunsaturatedthe above problems can be simply inconsistent behavior.

In % of cases, you can just let yourself get rid of quirk and come to nothing. Everything will get better and your baby will soon move to the "adult" food.


Fat - first of all, one of the main sources of energy. A healthy baby is worn, jumps as if he has a motor inside. So, fat is the very "fuel" for which he works: they have twice as many calories than protein or carbohydrates. In contrast to adults, children do not need to think about how to keep in shape and get into a favorite pair of jeans two sizes too small. In balanced daily diet of children should be about one-third vegetable fats and two thirds of the animals. Read more -->

It seemed that all these

It seemed that all these It seemed that all these adults do not age.

One of my colleagues, Bob, whose son, 30 -odd years, many also take a 30-year-old man.

EMR Joey PAW, PhD MAIN METHODS keeping yourself in "FIT" Bringing order to the body through physical exercises in turns the 4 main areas: training the cardiovascular system, strength training, flexibility and development of body shaping.

Dynamic exercises in which the heart pumps more blood volume, for example, jogging, swimming, cycling contribute pm, aerobics, as well as playing sports strengthen the cardiovascular system.

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After a general pats

After a general pats Massage tibia (back surface) is more differentiated, so building muscle condition with flat-valgus foot installation is different.

After a general pats from the heel to the popliteal fossa holds smiling selective effect on the calf muscle.

On the outer part (lateral head) holds a slight rubbing fingertips gentle kneading.

Widely employed are relaxing techniques: stroking, shaking, stretching.

On the inside of the gastrocnemius muscle (medial head) when changing toning techniques: energetic rubbing the back surface completely bent fingers, intense kneading, light percussion with emy (effleurage fingers chopped).

During the massage the feet give her light supine position (on the gate sole medially).

Sole stroke and rubbed vigorously.

The inner edge of the foot stroke, pound and knead, use using schiptseobrazny grip.

Once held massage the back surface of one leg, moving to another massage.

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To do this, you just

To do this, you just period.

If you want to take vitamin supplements, the doctor you professional help with the choice of the right vitamins.

Summing-up Now you know that to make good nutrition during pregnancy is extremely easy.

Just always remember that the products given to us the kingdom of plants, which needed for the development of your child, and you - for I maintain health.

To do this, you just need to make your diet of grains, vegetables, legumes and fruits, add small amounts of foods rich in vitamin Bi 2, for example, soy milk, and it is possible to take vitamin supplements to take ennyh women.

TABLE OF CONTENTS FOLIEVOI ACID In PRODUCTS PRODUCTS TABLE OF CONTENTS FOLIEVOI ACIDS ( ICG) Fast Food Oatmeal (1 packet) 150 Cornflakes (1 C cup) 100 Muesli (V 4 cup) 99 Asparagus (1 cup for r otovlennaya) 172 Broccoli (1 cup cooked) 76 Shoots kale (1 cup cooked) 128 Spinach (1 cup cooked) 220 Tomato juice (1 cup) 47 Orange juice (1 cup) 109 Cantaloupe (1 cup chopped) 27 Black beans (V 2 cups cooked) 128 Lentils (V 2 cups cooked) 179 Speckled beans (V 2 cups cooked) 147 Peanut (2 tablespoons) 35 Literary source: D.

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