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For spasmolysis prescribed antispasmodic drugs (aminophylline, but- trowel), with psychomotor excitation - sodium hydroxybutyrate, droperidol.Appropriate use of diuretics.Used antiviral agents (interferon gamma globulin influenza).By prescription of antibiotics and sulfa drugs differentially fit.Acute Bronchitis Acute Bronchitis - is an inflammatory process is localized in the mucosa of the bronchial tree and accompanied by mucus.Bronchial inflammation may be associated with inflammation of the mucous membrane of the trachea (bronchitis) or lesion of the small bronchi and bronchioles (bronchiolitis or pneumonia).

With the defeat

Usually the period of residual phenomena occurs within 1-1.5 years of onset.Period is characterized by residual effects of muscle atrophy, contractures, bone deformities, osteoporosis.With the defeat of the back muscles are developing various deformations spine.The course of time the affected limbs begin to lag behind in growth, especially in young children.Diagnostics Virological research methods allow to isolate the virus in early disease of the nasopharynx - in the future, in the feces, which are taken twice at an interval of 24-48 hours.

Development of exudative

Exudative catarrhal diathesis observed in 50-60% of young children.Development of exudative catarrhal diathesis promote: n il e d s t e n in n and I p r e d r a n a l o w o n e n o s t s; rn a tio n a l o s e n o n and m and n e u t e r and o m e p a i b e r e m e n n o s t u; n f a d e a c a n t a i m e d and a m e n t s o n a i t e r a p i in about a THEOREM I b e r e m e n n o s t u; n of a t u p l e n e and with n and o f th in o p r a n and m s p e b e n k and n and o f a s x and l l e r g e n about in and on with about b e n n o b e l to a cow's milk, which is ingested when feeding baby formula milk.Among the other most common allergens egg white, citrus, strawberries, strawberry, fish, chocolate, bananas, tomatoes, etc.; in o r d e d s t a and e n e a n c e and f and h f with a and x ^ a to t of p o in - n e r e p r e c a n and e n e p e o x l and w e e n and e, d l and t e o m n o f p r e b s in a n and e n o d o r a p s t s m and with about l n e h n s m and l y h a m and a and d p.

To a minor nuisance

In emergency situations, some children feel comfortable with his thumb in his mouth

This exercise

Swinging on the ball Take inflatable beach ball large size.Put re child on his stomach on the ball, spreading his knees wide apart.Hold White kid in the back.Swing the ball in different directions: forward, backward, sideways and on a circle .Swipe movements should be small enough so the child does not come loose.This exercise can be done at any time of the day, half an hour after a meal.It promotes good relaxing NIJ and trains the vestibular apparatus.Swinging in the attitude of "embryo" Swinging on the ball Notes.Session lasts about minutes.

BLOOD image

Clinical blood For clinical analysis of blood is taken from the IV usually left thumb after pretreatment of the skin with a mixture of alcohol and ether.After piercing the blood should flow freely, since a strong pressure on the finger allocation to improve blood flow to the tissue it mixes with the liquid, and this reduces the accuracy of the study.First projection drop of blood washed fleece.BLOOD image s.Chaltyr TNP.Number 37.Zack.№ 7493-10000 6-12-76 city Determination of the number of leukocytes, erythrocytes, hematocrit, and hemoglobin concentration is known as the hemogram.

To start these

It uses techniques of stroking, grableobraznogo grind of (rubbing spaced p & ttsami by interosseous interm kam).Once again you can promassirovat inner edge of the foot, especially the area I finger.Then massaged the front surface of the other leg.Massage normalizes muscle tone feet and legs: it strengthens weakened muscles lennye and relieves stress, it is very important for the recovery of their agreed work.Furthermore, improving blood circulation and muscle tone, ligaments and bones of the foot, massage helps to improve their nutritional and thus the normal development and growth of the lower extremities.Efficiency of massage increases if his conduct background cor rigiruyuschie exercise.To start these movements in the feet may be passive, that is done with your help.Supination of the foot (turning the sole of the foot medially) Dorsiflexion of the foot Plantar flexion of the foot Hold soles toys Finger flexion Supination of both feet, capture and hold the soles of small round toys Scheu (skittles, balls, etc.

Patients with

Patients with multiple sclerosis in remission grafted inactivated vaccines (except hepatitis B vaccine).Convulsions The presence of afebrile seizures is grounds for removal from the DTP, the introduction of other vaccines performed on the background of anticonvulsants, if necessary by increasing the dose.Children with febrile convulsions DTP administered simultaneously with paracetamol (10-15 mg / kg 3-4 times a day for 1-2 days).Children whose condition is termed "convulsive readiness", as usually grafted to the exclusion of their progressive disease or afebrile convulsions indications for therapy sedatives and dehydration (see below).

The meaning of physiotherapy

To strengthen the stretched and weakened the front and outer leg muscles groups use more vigorous methods: rubbing and kneading may light effleurage fingers.The meaning of physiotherapy is to gradually gently used board vicious position of the foot.All exercises should be carried be in conjunction with massage, performed gently, so that the child does not feel any pain.Good effect holding special le chebnyh exercise after thermal procedures.Baby is lying on her stomach.Bend your leg at the knee child su Stava with one hand hold the shin, and palm of the other hand gently push down on the child's foot, bending it in the back side.

To do this, instead

A.T.Pennington "Food value traditionally used portions "17 ed., eds.(Philadelphia: D.B.Lippincott, 1988).Scheduling FEEDING Feeding on demand child does not mean that the mother is now becoming a slave g ore feeding and sometimes between six and twelve weeks, the majority of children, to the great joy and their parents do not require feeding during the night.In During the day they sleep much and wake up only for that shout, eat and then sleep again."Sleepy" days, meanwhile, about significant active night.You can wake up at 3 then rest of the night you spend feeding him every two hours.If you stock up on patience, you can ROTATE The path of such a mode shifted to the normal state.To do this, instead of letting your baby sleep during the day for 4-5 hours, gently wake him every 3 hours.Most of the children a few minutes after waking readily accepted eats b, so in the end, they will wake up more often during the day.

By increasing

Equally important are syndromes or overload hypertrophy (increase in size) of the right or left heart, which compensate for circulatory disorders.Overload of the left heart observed stenosis or aortic coarctation.Right ventricular overload observed in pulmonary artery stenosis, atrial septal defect, tetralogy of Fallot, transposition of great vessels, hypoplastic left heart.By increasing blood flow through the lungs, children are prone to frequent and prolonged bronchopulmonary diseases.Skin from pale baby.With the progression of the disease will lead to increased pressure in the pulmonary circulation and signs of right heart overload, which will be accompanied by an increase in dyspnea, fatigue, periodic appearances cyanosis (late cyanosis).With a decrease in blood flow through the lungs occurs early appearance of cyanosis (sometimes observed from the birth of the child), the presence odyshechno-cyanotic attacks, which are accompanied by forced child's situation, which is associated with a significant reduction of oxygen in the blood.

For infants with

Specialized mixtures designed for specific categories of children (for example, term, allergies, low weight, food intolerance, cf s hyper- ments of, delay stool, etc.)

If you can not give

We decided to take the puppy?If you want to take a puppy home, you first answer the following questions:Are you ready to take on this responsibility? As long as your baby gets older and will be ableto feed and walk the dog, it will take time, and until these duties,of course, lies with the parents

As the disease affects

Treatment of pertussis carried out only under a doctor's supervision

Vomiting caused

The result is a nutritional imbalance, and there are cases where a strong gluttony leads to rupture of the stomach.Vomiting caused by regularly entail serious e health problems including swollen glands on the face and neck, strong dental caries, redness, swelling, fatigue, dehydration, infection in the urogenital tract, breaks or damage in the throat and esophagus, chronic heartburn and even stop serd sample due to the depletion of potassium in the body.Dehydration using pills or other methods including laxatives, fraught with great danger to health: frequent urinary tract infections, morning headaches, about puhanie, reduced thinking skills, sensitivity to heat, loss of muscle strength and endurance, kidney stones, stroke, and death.

Then lift the child's Honour

Exercise "swimmer" Preparing to sitting down I.baby lying on his back.Move the hands under the baby's back.Then lift the child's Honour to the vertical position, with its head should not query kidyvatsya (Figure ).Resistance training: a) rejection of hands, b) repulsion of the ball ."Moving Steps" I.baby lying on his back.Adult baby wraps shin front, bent his legs and feet pressed against the desk.Alternating flexion and extension of the legs without lifting the foot from the surface of the table."Podtantsovyvanie" Breast Massage Stroking, rhythmic pressure on the lateral surface of the thorax."Box" - flexion and extension arms Give your child a thumbs clasp your hands, hold the rest of the brush.

7-10 stitches - alternately

3-4 stitches - Reveal palm and rotate the brush from side to side several times.5-6 stitches - join hands with closed fingers and bend your fingers from side to side.7-10 stitches - alternately knocking hands on the table, then clap our hands, simultaneously stamping his feet.If possible, it is recommended to jump and run in place.Our little guys - Five shaggy bears - Not invited to dance, Feel awkward.One, two, three, four, five - Bears will dance! One, two, three, four, five - Everyone on their feet to tread! 1-4 stitches - join hands with your fingertips put your wrist on the table and clasped hands swinging from side to side.

Pay attention

If it is possible - at home, set a small wall bars or ladder.Encourage your toddler to climb on it at least a few steps and go down.Usually small children climb the ladder step attachable.Pay attention to the position of your hands: it is necessary to teach a child to grab rail, opposing thumb.Game "climbed out the window": Place the ladder vertically and hold hands ce.Suggest ­ those child to climb between the second and third step.Cockerel cockerel golden comb, Lean out the window, I'll give you peas.Then put the ladder on the side of the bar and ask ma lyshu climb Rung.

With two weeks

Newborn characteristic moderate photophobia (fear of light), his eyes almost permanently closed, the pupils narrowed.Noticeable nystagmus (shaking of eyeballs).The lacrimal glands are not functioning at birth.With two weeks of age is beginning to emerge transient gaze fixation.Pupil begins to grow moderately.Start functioning tear glands that helps cleanse the eye from dust and irritating particles.If there are no tears this age, you should consult your eye doctor for check patency nasal lacrimal as nasal blockage of tear duct can lead to the accumulation of pathological microorganisms in the anterior chamber, which in turn causes the development of a variety of infectious processes.

These disorders

Major influence in the origin and development of rickets has insufficient children stay outdoors, poor living conditions, poor nutrition (lack of vitamins and micronutrient elements), frequent or long-term illnesses, as well as a small engine tion activity of the child.This disease is common in nedono deprived of their children, twins, children rapidly growing and rapidly adding ing weight.Rickets - a common disease, which manifests itself in violation of many op Ganov and systems.These disorders are interrelated and determine the severity of the child's condition.The initial signs are not always seen by parents, as often is the functional disorders of the nervous system.

He diligent

The family Oksana unpredictable and inconsistent

Thus the source

There is another simple way to deal with hiccups, requires no drinking

Raises his arms

..).Suggest baby crawl on all fours under the chair, then straighten up and say hello to Baby, pressing his foot.Game "ball" Gates can serve as a chair, stool, etc.The child takes the ball, roll it into the goal and runs after him.Go through the gate on all fours, rectified and catches the ball.General developmental exercises Exercises to Hand and shoulder belt "Box" Child standing with your feet shoulder width apart.Bend your arms at chest level and then makes motions with his hands alternately forward and to the middle as to boxing."Butterfly" Child standing, arms down along the body.Raises his arms to the side and slightly wags brushes - "waving butterfly wings." Bend your arms at shoulder level and touch the shoulders - "layer butterfly wings lived.

He closed his eyes, He purrs

Cover with second hand first, depicting shell turtles.Then repeat the game for the other arm.By rushing mountain sled They Natasha and Oksanka.Another rush slide Sledge with Mishka and Egorka.Where the mountain ends There they meet.1-2 lines - two or four serried fingers of one hand "go" on the inner surface of the other hand down from the elbow to the wrist.3-4 lines - do the same thing, changing hands.5-6 lines - pin fingers of both hands in a castle or pressed tightly against one palm to another.Train goes uphill, On a visit to Grandpa Yegor.And sitting in trailers Nine little guys: Katya, Masha and Marina, Kohl, Vanya, Irina Petya, Glory and Matthew, With them Kotofey.He closed his eyes, He purrs children stories.1-4 stitches - clasped fingers of one hand move along the inner side of the palm of the other hand to the elbow.

When performing

Flexion reflex moans foot extension reflex Reflex "creeps." I moment Reflex "creeps." II point This activity is based on active congenital dermal sheath- reflex."The phenomenon of creeping" persists until - months of life.When performing this movement should be careful: to touch the soles of the child can be only when the foot has been grasped from the back side, otherwise the child can easily soskol znut the table.Breast Massage I.baby lying on his back.Start by stroking which holds both hands (la bottom or back surface of the fingers).Simultaneous motion zheniem hand sent from the middle of the sternum upward and outward to the armpits .Stroking the side surfaces of the chest is performed in a direction away from the sternum down and sideways to the armpits .Then, clutching child's chest, rapid movements, very gently press down on the chest .

2 tbsp. tablespoons

A child from the moment

But most importantly, it will depend on how quickly will develop sensory and motor areas of the brain that pin roliruyut such movements.A child from the moment of birth has valuable luggage: congenital dennye motor reflexes.Pavlov called them unconditioned reflexes.Among the inborn reflexes are edible (sucking, swallowing, salivation) protection of a defensive (turning or lifting the head in the prone position the baby the first few weeks of life); reflexes positions (postures) and arrangement of the parts of the body (in the first half six months of life in a horizontal position on the weight of the child rejects the head in a corrective direction, ie, in the prone position - back to back - forward, on the right side - left, left - right, rotation of the pelvis causes the mouth of the child movement of the head and upper body in that the same way).


Large blue and red nodes, painful at palpation are called erythema nodosum.Noninflammatory nodes observed in skin tumors (lipoma, fibroma).Blister - element characterizing the presence of an acute inflammatory process, which appears as a result of limited edema of the papillary layer of the skin.Blister rising above the level of the skin, has a rounded shape of 20 mm or more, as a rule, its appearance is accompanied by itching.These lesions are characteristic allergo dermatitis.Bubble - a few protruding above the surface of the skin filled with serous or bloody fluid formation of 1-5 mm.With the development can dry out to form a transparent or brownish crust.Frequently opened, revealing limited weeping erosion.After the disappearance of redness may be passing.With festering bubble it turns into an abscess and called pustules.

The protein of any kind

Need a small child in a protein is determined by parameters such as weight, age, height, and the quality of the protein consisting of a combination of amino acids

At the time when the child

Sitting down with the subsidence of the spine This exercise you already know (see W complex number ).After months, you can sit down child, keeping in one hand .I.baby lying on his back.Left hand, hold the knees baby.Right hand take the child for the right handle with the words: "sit-sit", etc.Encourage the child to sit up, leaning on his elbow.At the time when the child sits, drag your finger along the spinal column from the bottom up to the nickname extension back.Then slowly put the baby on the back, more precisely, on the left side.

Sliding his hands

Lean to the right, then left, hands relaxed."Airplane" The kid stands, feet slightly apart, arms down.Raises his hands to the sides, palms up.Spread its wings plane: cook in flight.Turns to the side, without dropping hands.I 'll look to the right: Ju-ju-ju, ju-ju-ju.I'll look to the left: Ju-ju-ju, ju-ju-ju."Pump" Starting position formerly.Sliding his hands along the body, Rabbi knock tilted alternately right and left.It's very simple - you shook pump.

One may get hungry

Typically, babies want to eat about every two hours.However, each child is different.One may get hungry an hour later on after the last meal, and the other is in satiety for 3-4 hours between feedings.Lucky mother whose children sleep continuously for 4-5 hours every night, can worry about what their children do not consume the required amount of food.But if your baby is healthy and still gaining weight, then there is no need to make him eat more.Similarly, if the newborn is taken screaming every two hours throughout the night, it is - completely normal, despite the fact that his mother izmota nnaya be surprised that such a tiny baby can so often is.During the first weeks, maybe you will feel a little discomfort as your body will adapt to the new situation.Your breasts will be, the feelings, and poured obvious Hb sensitive.If you bear with me for a while so, then it will be rewarded.

Breathing exercise

Finish by stroking massage.Breathing exercise (see I set number ) Transition from development to capture reflex grasping hand function Enclose in the palm baby toy (ring, etc.) and, clasping and slightly pinching hand and fingers of the child with his hand, to induce him Zech vatit toy.Then gently pull it towards you ("subtract" toy).Foot Massage: - stroking (see II complex number ); - dorsiflexion of the foot (see W complex number ) - annular friction: the thumb and index fingers of both hands grasp the rings (close one over another) child shin its lower part, then do vigorous divergent ring rubbing the back of the leg and three to four turns before reaching the elbows, rub on the outer thigh muscles.Complete massage stroking.Foot massage (see II complex number ) Reflex exercises to stop (I see the complex number ) Reflex support and podtantsovyvanie Supporting the child under the arms, put it on the surface of one la "full stop.

Ladushki - Where

"Ladushki"At some stage, it is important for the baby to learn to imitate the movements of adults

When inappropriate

Build a disproportionate: the trunk is relatively short, on the background of long limbs and neck chest.Pale skin, with a pronounced marble pattern that says inappropriate microcirculation.Conditioned reflex activity slowed dominated brake reaction.When inappropriate diet or accession diseases they quickly lose weight.A characteristic feature of limfatiko-hypoplastic diathesis is a steady increase in limfaticheskihuzlov and thymus.Increasing all the groups of lymph nodes, pronounced adenoid growths in the nasopharynx, tonsils loose, stand out from the edge of the palatine arches.Marked increase in the size of the liver, spleen and thymus.Children with hypoplastic diathesis-limfatiko tend to easier emergence and lingering inflammatory diseases of the upper respiratory tract.

Studies show that

In a few weeks your body will already "know" how to produce milk, thanks to the remarkable physiological ability to respond to a scheme of "request and supplies a".The more your growing baby will consume, the more milk your body will produce.A few weeks later, the majority of mothers and their children become accustomed to the daily routine of calm.Mother learn to understand the "language" of the kid: he shows that hungry, sleepy, or wants to play.And my mother would understand how important breast feeding for the child.Studies show that breastfeeding creates a close bond between mother and child, and gives the baby a sense of n okoya and security.Sometimes babies want to eat, when tired or angry, but this hunger they have.And even despite the fact that the baby after 10 minutes after the last feeding drank all the milk from both breasts, he may still want to have e esch.

At this stage of development

During the illness, when a child's nose is clogged with dried mucus, the above proce fool should be mandatory and as often as possible.Depending on what the baby skin after bathing is necessary to use mass scrap or baby powder

Abdominal massage

The slope of the toy.I moment The slope of the toy.II time "Wheelbarrow" Squats Suggest kid crouch, his knees while zhny be widely separated.Abdominal massage Sitting down - for bent arms, - in one arm, - for the ring."Cars" - walking on his hands .Breast Massage Education walking IX complex exercises Age of child - - months.Each exercise is repeated - times.Breather I.child sits or stands.At the request of an adult child raises his hands with rings up - inhale, then lowers them or hugging chest - exhale.Adults ly helps to make the final part of the exercise.Foot Massage Rising to his feet from any position on the request of an adult.slightly adult helps the child to get up.Massage the back and buttocks Bending and straightening (see VIII complex number ) Abdominal massage Lifting the leg extensions (see VIII complex number ) Sitting down Stressed sagging back - "plane" I.

Monounsaturated and polyunsaturated

the above problems can be simply inconsistent behavior.In % of cases, you can just let yourself get rid of quirk and come to nothing

It seemed that all these

It seemed that all these adults do not age.One of my colleagues, Bob, whose son, 30 -odd years, many also take a 30-year-old man.EMR Joey PAW, PhD MAIN METHODS keeping yourself in "FIT" Bringing order to the body through physical exercises in turns the 4 main areas: training the cardiovascular system, strength training, flexibility and development of body shaping.Dynamic exercises in which the heart pumps more blood volume, for example, jogging, swimming, cycling contribute pm, aerobics, as well as playing sports strengthen the cardiovascular system.

After a general pats

Massage tibia (back surface) is more differentiated, so building muscle condition with flat-valgus foot installation is different.After a general pats from the heel to the popliteal fossa holds smiling selective effect on the calf muscle.On the outer part (lateral head) holds a slight rubbing fingertips gentle kneading.Widely employed are relaxing techniques: stroking, shaking, stretching.On the inside of the gastrocnemius muscle (medial head) when changing toning techniques: energetic rubbing the back surface completely bent fingers, intense kneading, light percussion with emy (effleurage fingers chopped).During the massage the feet give her light supine position (on the gate sole medially).Sole stroke and rubbed vigorously.The inner edge of the foot stroke, pound and knead, use using schiptseobrazny grip.Once held massage the back surface of one leg, moving to another massage.

To do this, you just

period.If you want to take vitamin supplements, the doctor you professional help with the choice of the right vitamins.Summing-up Now you know that to make good nutrition during pregnancy is extremely easy.Just always remember that the products given to us the kingdom of plants, which needed for the development of your child, and you - for I maintain health.To do this, you just need to make your diet of grains, vegetables, legumes and fruits, add small amounts of foods rich in vitamin Bi 2, for example, soy milk, and it is possible to take vitamin supplements to take ennyh women.TABLE OF CONTENTS FOLIEVOI ACID In PRODUCTS PRODUCTS TABLE OF CONTENTS FOLIEVOI ACIDS ( ICG) Fast Food Oatmeal (1 packet) 150 Cornflakes (1 C cup) 100 Muesli (V 4 cup) 99 Asparagus (1 cup for r otovlennaya) 172 Broccoli (1 cup cooked) 76 Shoots kale (1 cup cooked) 128 Spinach (1 cup cooked) 220 Tomato juice (1 cup) 47 Orange juice (1 cup) 109 Cantaloupe (1 cup chopped) 27 Black beans (V 2 cups cooked) 128 Lentils (V 2 cups cooked) 179 Speckled beans (V 2 cups cooked) 147 Peanut (2 tablespoons) 35 Literary source: D.

The most widespread

Survey abdominal radiography enables roughly determine the position, size and shape of the kidney, as well as radiopaque stones.Excretory urography to evaluate the anatomical and functional state of the urinary tract, to identify signs of kidney damage, pelvicalyceal system and ureters, as well as to long-term control of the dynamics of the pathological process.Renal Angiography - instrumental method for studying the vascular system of the kidneys and the state of their blood supply.Voiding cystourethrography (tsistoflyuorografiya) makes it possible to diagnose malformations of the bladder and urethra.Radioisotope research methods are the most physiologic in learning activities of the urinary system.The most widespread of them received radioisotope renography, renal scan, dynamic nefrostsintigra-rays.The principle is based on detection of accumulation in the renal parenchyma and the allocation of the urinary tract radioactive pharmaceutical products.

Lack of antidiuretic

In the posterior pituitary form: - antidiuretic hormone (vasopressin) - regulates water metabolism in the body.Lack of antidiuretic hormone leads to the development of diabetes insipidus.- oxytocin effect on blood pressure, sexual development, protein and fat metabolism, muscle contraction of the uterus during childbirth.Epiphysis secretes hormones that affect the sexual cycle, lactation, carbohydrate and water and electrolyte metabolism.The thyroid gland is already set on the 1st month of intrauterine development.By 4 months of fetal life it is quite enough and structurally formed functionally active, but its growth, and the formation of an intense increase in the mass flow of up to 5 to 6 years of age.New growth of the size and weight occurs during puberty.Thyroid - it is the largest organ of the human endocrine system.

A healthy

That reduce the risk of diabetes in children, never let the baby cow's milk and other dairy products.The simple fact is that an extremely large number of foster their diseases directly or indirectly related to food.A healthy diet, as has been discussed in Chapters 1 to 8, will help your child strengthen the immune system and stay healthy and active as a child and as an adult.Food for thought Healthy diet plays an important role in the proper functioning of all body systems, including the brain's ability to perceive information, think and remember.Beings uet countless theories about how certain foods affect on memory, concentration and IQ (IQ) of the child.


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