With two weeks

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With two weeks Newborn characteristic moderate photophobia (fear of light), his eyes almost permanently closed, the pupils narrowed.

Noticeable nystagmus (shaking of eyeballs).

The lacrimal glands are not functioning at birth.

With two weeks of age is beginning to emerge transient gaze fixation.

Pupil begins to grow moderately.

Start functioning tear glands that helps cleanse the eye from dust and irritating particles.

If there are no tears this age, you should consult your eye doctor for check patency nasal lacrimal as nasal blockage of tear duct can lead to the accumulation of pathological microorganisms in the anterior chamber, which in turn causes the development of a variety of infectious processes.

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These disorders

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These disorders Major influence in the origin and development of rickets has insufficient children stay outdoors, poor living conditions, poor nutrition (lack of vitamins and micronutrient elements), frequent or long-term illnesses, as well as a small engine tion activity of the child.

This disease is common in nedono deprived of their children, twins, children rapidly growing and rapidly adding ing weight.

Rickets - a common disease, which manifests itself in violation of many op Ganov and systems.

These disorders are interrelated and determine the severity of the child's condition.

The initial signs are not always seen by parents, as often is the functional disorders of the nervous system.

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He diligent

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He diligentThe family Oksana unpredictable and inconsistent. Even the most minor collision venie with spouse could end her fault violent quarrel. Oksana - caring mother with children gently and patiently.


In Scandinavian countries, the name Oleg means "holy."

Small Oleg slaboharakteren and takes for granted all he would say. It easily lends itself to another's influence, resulting frequently in the embarrassing and unpleasant yatnye situation.

Parents should pay special attention to the education of Oleg preschooler.

While studying at the school Oleg more independent. He diligent student and achieves some success in all disciplines. His favorite subject in school is math, because the boy had an analytical mind and the ability to logically cape casting. Read more -->

Thus the source

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Thus the sourceThere is another simple way to deal with hiccups, requires no drinking. It is that the baby is given a pacifier. This would seem to question Teisha event quite effectively. Sucking movements committed child whom, according to crowded air (or food) signal the stomach that food already in ny tee, but because the stomach does not get anything, it shrinks and becomes those retsya of the diaphragm. Thus the source of irritation that causes hiccups disappear.

Apart from the known breast-milk substitutes, there cereal factory production duction, vegetable purees, fruit, vegetable and berry juices, dishes based on pasta ucts, special meat and canned fish (with or without garnish), and many others. etc. Read more -->

Raises his arms

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Raises his arms.



Suggest baby crawl on all fours under the chair, then straighten up and say hello to Baby, pressing his foot.

Game "ball" Gates can serve as a chair, stool, etc.

The child takes the ball, roll it into the goal and runs after him.

Go through the gate on all fours, rectified and catches the ball.

General developmental exercises Exercises to Hand and shoulder belt "Box" Child standing with your feet shoulder width apart.

Bend your arms at chest level and then makes motions with his hands alternately forward and to the middle as to boxing.

"Butterfly" Child standing, arms down along the body.

Raises his arms to the side and slightly wags brushes - "waving butterfly wings.

" Bend your arms at shoulder level and touch the shoulders - "layer butterfly wings lived.

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He closed his eyes, He purrs

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He closed his eyes, He purrs Cover with second hand first, depicting shell turtles.

Then repeat the game for the other arm.

By rushing mountain sled They Natasha and Oksanka.

Another rush slide Sledge with Mishka and Egorka.

Where the mountain ends There they meet.

1-2 lines - two or four serried fingers of one hand "go" on the inner surface of the other hand down from the elbow to the wrist.

3-4 lines - do the same thing, changing hands.

5-6 lines - pin fingers of both hands in a castle or pressed tightly against one palm to another.

Train goes uphill, On a visit to Grandpa Yegor.

And sitting in trailers Nine little guys: Katya, Masha and Marina, Kohl, Vanya, Irina Petya, Glory and Matthew, With them Kotofey.

He closed his eyes, He purrs children stories.

1-4 stitches - clasped fingers of one hand move along the inner side of the palm of the other hand to the elbow.

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